Job Site Hazard Analysis Development

At Protec Safety, Inc., we understand that identifying and mitigating hazards is critical for a safe and successful job site. That's why we offer job site hazard analysis development services that are tailored to the unique hazards and risks of your business.

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Customized Hazard Analysis

As Loss Control experts, during our analysis, we’ll be looking at your operations with a different reference point than a general contractor, contractor, plant manager or employee. Our job is to identify any and all potential hazards that exist and ensure that you have proper procedures and safeguards in place to eliminate the possibility of injury or illness to the best of your ability.

You can review this guide, provided Fed OSHA, to get familiar with the requirements for employers.

Effective Solutions

We will consider the environment and how workers will interact with the jobsite, equipment and tasks as you move through your project lifecycle.

In some cases, this will mean that we return to the project when major milestones are completed so that we can reassess your site for any new potential hazards, as well as to provide additional recommendations for personal protective equipment and worker safety training, from fall protection to paint and coatings, administrative, engineering controls and personal protective equipment.

If we are working with you to develop your preconstruction safety survey and/or your overall IIPP, we will also review your processes, procedures and worker personal protective equipment, training and other occupational health and safety needs.

A jobsite hazard analysis must be thorough, but this doesn’t mean that it has to disrupt the jobsite, but rather that it works to prevent the number one jobsite disruption- a worker being injured, falling ill or worse. Jobsite hazard analysis has also been known to increase productivity and increase quality thus reducing re-work. Jobsite hazard analysis traditionally increases workers moral as they feel safer in their place of employment.

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OSHA Compliance

Ensuring adherence to OSHA regulations is paramount to creating a secure and thriving worksite. Our team of safety consultants possesses extensive expertise in navigating OSHA regulations and can assist you in formulating a comprehensive safety program that fulfills all the necessary requirements.

In addition to program development, we offer continuous support to help you sustain compliance with OSHA regulations and prioritize the well-being of your workers.

Here at Protec Safety, Inc., we are dedicated to delivering top-tier safety program development services specifically tailored to the construction industry. Get in touch with us today to discover the multitude of ways in which we can enhance safety standards on your worksite.