Pre-Construction Surveys

At Protec Safety, Inc., we understand the importance of safety on your construction site. That's why we offer pre-construction surveys to assess your job site and provide recommendations for safety improvements before construction begins.

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Safety through Preconstruction Safety Inspections

As a general contractor, specialty contractor, or project manager overseeing construction sites, it is essential to fulfill Cal/OSHA's requirement of conducting a preconstruction safety inspection. This crucial inspection report encompasses various elements, including safety requirements, risk management implementation to ensure the well-being of employees and contractors, personal protective equipment needs, measures to maintain separation between construction activities and public rights-of-way, and more.

No two job sites are identical, as we have discovered through our extensive experience working with contractors and project managers. Each site poses its own unique challenges and risks that must be adequately addressed.

Strengthening Construction Site

An important lesson we have learned is that conducting inspections without proper training can lead to significant oversight of potential risks, exposing oneself and others to potential losses. OSHA considers reports generated by untrained individuals as invalid, as they are viewed as coming from non-competent sources. Incorrect reporting can create a false sense of security and increase the potential for losses, leaving you ill-prepared in legal proceedings.

To ensure comprehensive and reliable inspections, it is crucial to engage knowledgeable professionals who possess the expertise to identify and assess potential hazards accurately.

Investing in PRO-TEC Safety Consultants, Inc. not only safeguards your construction site but also provides peace of mind, knowing that you have taken proactive measures to protect your workers and minimize potential liabilities.

If you need a pre-construction survey to maintain a compliant job site, contact PRO-TEC Safety Consultants, Inc. at (415) 900-1163.

Pre-Construction Survey with Safety in Mind

Crafting a comprehensive preconstruction safety inspection report necessitates forward-thinking, often breaking down the construction process into progressive stages. Each stage typically demands adjustments to your pre-construction safety checklist to address specific safety considerations.

To assist you in this endeavor, Cal/OSHA provides a convenient pocket guide that can serve as a valuable resource.

However, we understand that completing your own preconstruction safety inspection can be overwhelming. That's why we are here to lend our expertise, offering support in managing the preconstruction safety meeting and overseeing the entire process.